The cost effective, rotating audio visual rack solution –

AV Rack rotates inside your cabinet or enclosure and mounts quickly with only eight screws.

   The shelves are composed of durable black melamine composite panels, are infinitely adjustable, and are secured with four high-quality machine bolts threading into steel cross dowels.

    A stainless steel cable management system is mounted on the back of every adjustable shelf to assist in keeping wires organized. AV Rack is shipped fully assembled with all required mounting hardware.

  1 year parts warranty


Rotates on its base to allow access to rear of AV equipment and cables.

Installs in enclosures, cupboards and able to be mounted in existing furniture or enclosures.

Additional options include:

Custom Height

Slide Out Turntable Shelf

CD/DVD Drawer

Base with castors (up to 1500mm height)


AV Rack Specifications:

Unit Number   Minimum Rough Opening          Max. Component Clearance   Shelves*    Weight

                                H x W x D                                                                                              Rate                             

AVR-1830        1830 mm X 630 mm X 530 mm      1408 mm (32RU) X 450 mm W        11         160 kg

AVR-1525        1525 mm X 630 mm X 530 mm      1167 mm (26RU) X 450 mm W         9          160 kg

AVR-1220        1220 mm X 630 mm X 530 mm        921 mm (20RU) X 450 mm W         7          160 kg

AVR-1065        1065 mm X 630 mm X 530 mm        800 mm (18RU) X 450 mm W         6          160 kg

AVR-915           915 mm X 630 mm X 530 mm        680 mm (15RU) X 450 mm W         5          160 kg

AVR-760           760 mm X 630 mm X 530 mm        555 mm (12RU) X 450 mm W         4          160 kg

Please Note...

  1. 1.Maximum Component Clearance (MCC) is the total height of all your components.

  2. 2.All racks are 19” rack mountable width.

  3. 3.MCC calculated using 18 mm shelf and 12 mm air space.

  4. 4.Standard rack/rail components fit as the rails are recessed 40 mm.

  5. 5.Custom heights up to 1830 mm available… additional cost.

  6. 6.Specifications subject to change without notice.

  7. 7.Note: Not all components may rotate inside a 610 mm enclosure. Please measure the components to be installed, diagonally and make the appropriate adjustments to the finished opening.

  8. 8.We recommend installing a ventilation fan in all AV Track and AV Rack carcasses to prevent excessive heat build up.

  1. *Bottom non-adjustable shelf included in shelf count.

** Optional 225 kg weight rating not available on Av rack    
    *** The top rack must be mounted securely or the stability of the rack will be compromised.

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